About Us

WEDO Sacco was registered on 6th February 2014 by the ministry of industrialization and co-operative development; Reg. No. CS/16112. It is a Sacco for business persons, their employees and WEDO Sacco staff. The objective of the Sacco is to grow our members’ economic and social well-being. WEDO Sacco started operations on 10th March 2014.

Since inception, the Sacco has registered tremendous growth; by 19th June 2015, total membership had grown to 1210 members. The Sacco members had saved a total of Kshs. 15,235,899 and had a loans book balance Kshs. 16,616,524.

Be a member of WEDO Savings and Credit Co-operative Society and benefit from cheap loans with friendly repayment terms, welfare services and investment opportunities.


Save for 3 months to qualify for our loans; with the following friendly terms:

 Loan type  Interest  Maximum repayment  Qualifyng amounts
 Normal Loan  1% on reducing balance  3 years  Savings *3
School fees loan   1% on reducing balance  1 year  School fees savings *3
Emergency loan   1% on reducing balance  1 year   Maximum Ksh 100,000
 Instant loan  5% one off  1 month

 50% non-commited savings.

 Maximum ksh 20,000


WEDO Sacco has the most reasonable financial terms and would greatly encourage individuals to join the sacco
Kevin Muiruri
WEDO Sacco is the most flexible and reliable financial partner. Great products and flexible terms. There is everything for everyone
Denis Sirere